What Is It That Makes An Escape Room Adventure So Appealing

Why do people love the idea of getting locked in a room together and having to solve puzzles to get out? This does sound weird, but it is the basis of escape rooms. These are real-live puzzle rooms that are popping up all over the country. Their popularity has caught on in every major city.

These are team-based games at their essence. The team enters a room, usually one with a theme. For instance, the team may be in a room where they must solve puzzles and clues to outsmart a barrage of zombies closing in on them. They may be fending off ghosts or some such threat which is part of the basis of the game.

These are great team activities, and they are loved by children as well as adults. A game room is made of about four people. Some are equipped to handle a dozen. The objective of the game is to unlock the door to get out. Usually, the team must find a key. The ways to do this is by activating a combination of clues or putting clues together to solve a puzzle that indicates where the key is.

If you have had friends who have undergone the escape room experience, you are probably getting a little tired of their stories. You are tired enough of hearing them, and now you want to try the rooms out for yourself! Searching the web for “the best escape rooms near me” can help making your decision-making process easier so you can pick the one that fits your taste when it comes to having fun. What is it that makes getting locked in a room to get out so addicting?

Most people would succumb to a feeling of claustrophobia. It is true that some games are done in a darkened room only to enhance the thrill or the fear, depending on how a person feels about the experience. The fun of it instead works like the triggers that occur when a person plays a video game.

Video games are addicting especially ones that involve solving puzzles by eliminating pieces or objects. The more problems you solve, the higher a level you reach. This is sort of what happens to people when they get into an escape room.

They want to find that next clue or puzzle piece. Each time they do, they get closer to escaping and feeling a sense of triumph. What happens psychologically, is that people begin to experience a collective adrenaline rush as they solve the puzzles.

It involves a bit of social pressure and peer pressure when you think about it. If you are in a room with ten of your co-workers, do you want to be the guy that cannot solve that next clue?

You probably would still feel the pressure even if you are with family member or friends. Once the social pressure takes over, it makes way for the fun. When you do help solve a clue, you feel like a hero. Your team starts to count on you, and you start relying on them. This is a big part of how these games got to be so loved and have been enjoyed by people of different ages. Here is a video below that shows some behind the scenes inspirations taken to build actual escape games.

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