My husband and I were so pleased with our wedding pictures. Photography was the most important aspect of our wedding because we wanted beautiful photographs to help us remember our wedding. Joel did such an amazing job and we continue to get countless compliments on our beautiful pictures. He was able to capture the mood of our celebration, our love for each other, and the joy and happiness that we both felt on our special day. The way that he uses light and captures the moment is truly amazing. Joel was extremely professional and pleasant to deal with. We cannot express how happy we are with our pictures!

– Nicole & Nathan Guzman

When Joel asked what photos my husband and I wanted for my wedding, we provided him with the typical list of portraits and important moments. We received all these photos and they were beautiful. My favorites, however, were not from that list. Joel captured moments and people we hadnít anticipated. (I would have never thought to ask for a close-up where my husband is not smiling and my hair is blowing across my face, but that is the photo that we have hanging in the living room because it so perfectly captured our personalities and our happiness in that moment.) Joelís photography method and style gave us not just a record of the event, but pictures that captured the character of the day and the personalities of the people we love.

Also, importantly, he was able to capture these without interfering with the event. Many of our guests commented on how pleasant and unusual it was to not have the whole day scheduled around the photographs.

I received my photos a week after the wedding and promptly went out and got two more wedding albums because we received so many great photos worth displaying. Joel had sorted through the photos and provided us with over four hundred of his best shots. Every photo he gave us was beautiful or funny or touching and they are all precious to us.

– Rebecca Snyder-Ray

When my husband and I were planning our wedding the one area we really were particular about was our photographer, since we are both film/video professionals. We wanted someone who not only caught the traditional family pictures, but who really had a knack for capturing all those candid moments that often result in the best pictures. Joel Pickford captured all the above and more. Beyond his photography expertise, Joel is a lot of fun and is great at putting everyone at ease. He played a very important role in our wedding that we will always be thankful for every time we look at our pictures.

– Yvonne & Clint Kasperian

Joel Pickford is not an ordinary wedding photographer. He is an artist. Rather than set tableaus common to every wedding album, you can expect him to capture the spirit of the event, the character of your guests. We feel as though we know some of our own guests better after seeing them through his lens. He is exceptional.

– Elizabeth & John MonPere

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