Photographic Workshops & Private Instruction

Past workshops include:

Plantations, Bayous, and the Big Easy

A Photographic Workshop in Southern Louisiana.

UCSC Extension Art & Design program offered this exciting, eight-day travel study course in 2000 and 2002. Co-taught with Steve Dzerigian.

Oaxaca: A Photographic Journey

This nine day journey of the eye in Mexico's most beautiful and culturally important region was offered privately in 2001 and 2005. The workshop was timed to take advantage of the celebrated Day of the Dead cultural festivities. Co-taught with Maria Prince.

The Digital Eye

This intensive, two-week course focused on all phases of the digital workflow, from RAW image capture to exhibition quality printmaking. Offered in 2006 by CSU Summer Arts and co-taught with Bill Kennedy.

Private Instruction

Pickford Pictures now offers private instruction and technical help with Digital Photography, customized to meet your specific needs. Learn More