Original Pickford Museum Prints

Pickford Pictures is proud to be a part of the digital revolution in photography. A leading pioneer in the emerging art of digital black & white printmaking, Joel Pickford abandoned traditional photographic print processes in 2001 and has never looked back. Digital printing has opened up an entirely new creative universe, allowing him to reinterpret earlier negatives in ways he never dreamt possible. Captivated by an entirely new aesthetic of pigmented inks and beautiful European rag papers, Joel is now making the finest prints of his twenty-five-year career as a photographer.

Many people are concerned about the archival permanence of digital prints. To address this issue, we have developed our own, rigorous, comparative fade testing methods in which various print samples are exposed side by side to direct sunlight for eight weeks at a time. Half of each print sample is kept in darkness for comparison. The pigment inks and rag papers that we use have proven themselves equal to traditional silver prints in every way, exhibiting no visible fading whatsoever under these extreme conditions (visitors to the studio are invited to view the test results). Our conclusions are reinforced by data from scientific tests, including those conducted by Wilhelm Imaging Research and Aardenburg Imaging.

Because of the evolving nature of this type of printmaking, Joel no longer limits his editions. Most of Joel's prints are produced in extremely small, finite editions using a particular set of inks. A print made one year is likely to be created with different inks and software than the same print made a year or two later; each of these prints has its own unique, beautiful qualities that cannot be duplicated with other inks. Moreover, Joel continually refines the way in which he interprets his images, just as Ansel Adams did over the course of his career.

Archival Pigment Prints

Color or Black & White Prints Made With Pigmented Inks

Paper size
(The actual image size is smaller and will vary)
13" x 19" $350
20" x 24" $750
24" x 34" $1,250
34" x 44" $2,000
44" x 60" $3,000

Black & White Carbon Prints

Warm Tone Black and White Prints Made With Carbon Monochrome Inks

Paper size
(The actual image size is smaller and will vary)
13" x 19"$750
20" x 24"$1,500
24" x 34" $2,500
34" x 44"$3,500
44" x 60"$5,000

Quantity discounts are available to interior designers and corporate art buyers.

How To Order

To order prints directly from this website or request further information, email us: .

Payments by cash, check, money order, and PayPal are all accepted. Credit card payments may be made though PayPal. Shipping and handling are extra and California residents must pay applicable sales tax.

All prints are signed, titled and dated by the artist on the back of each print. Both the date of the negative and the date of the print are recorded, as well as the print process used.

Free U.S. Shipping

Prints will be shipped in tubes anywhere in the U.S. at no charge. For flat shipping, add $150 per order.

A note on framing: Pigment exhibition prints need not, and should not be dry mounted. A simple hinged overmat, cut from 100% museum rag board protects the print and creates the best presentation. Mats should be cut to allow a 1/2" reveal around the edges of the image, so that the delicate beauty of the paper can be seen. All prints are shipped from Pickford Pictures studios unmounted, without overmats. Matting and framing are available at extra cost:

Framing with Rag Mat, Natural Finish Maple Molding & Plexiglass

Outside DimensionsPrice
25"x 31"$325
32" x 40"$425
40" x 60"$600