Early Short Films

Working With Whales

Filmed in Canada and the United States, this compelling 20-minute documentary offers a unique perspective on the controversy surrounding whales in captivity. The contrasting views of several whale trainers and researchers are presented along with a fascinating, inside look at their unusual profession. The early history of whale captivity is explored and an investigation is made into the tragic death of a young British Columbian trainer in 1991. The film challenges viewers of all ages to contemplate the pros and cons of keeping animals in captivity.

20 minutes, color 1991


Creature of Habit

A seemingly ordinary middle aged man comes unglued when he recognizes his grade school tormentor at a café. This quirky black comedy won six film festival awards in Canada and the U.S., including one for Joel's cinematography.

10 minutes, black & white 1991

Requiem for a Jazz Musician

A struggling jazz musician unwittingly caught in a strange netherworld between life and death revisits scenes from his ill-fated existence in an anonymous American city. Promotional trailer for a satirical black comedy.

5 minutes, black & white 1993